Tabernacle and Guinness win revenge games in Constituency Seven Domino League

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, October 20, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Tabernacle Domino Club’s Captain Jason ‘Spoon’ Nisbett on Thursday evening October 19 put up a splendid showing. His team reversed the loss they had suffered at the hands of Christchurch in the first round of the round-robin stage of this year’s edition of the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition.

Spoon had every reason to make sure that they bagged the win, not only because they had the home advantage playing at T-Vill’s Hang Out Spot in Tabernacle Village but because sponsor of the league was in the house as one of the spectators.

The captain had even more reasons because the sponsor of the league for the last 22 years is his Area Parliamentary Representative, and also for the fact that the domino league sponsor is the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris.

Spoon’s philosophy was: You do not lose a game when your Area Parliamentary Representative and Prime Minister is in the house. While in the first round they had been beaten 9-13 by Christchurch, on Thursday night Tabernacle triumphed 14-11.

Also recording a revenge win was Guinness Domino Club who beat Sylver’s 13- 9 in a game played at Bernette Bar in Hidden Alley Lodge Village. In the first round Sylver’s had beaten Guinness 13-10 in a game played at Tacky Bay also in Hidden Alley Lodge Village.

Saddlers maintained their winning form over Small Corner whom they beat 13-7 at Shanty Bar in Saddlers Village which is in Constituency Number Six, in a game that was also witnessed by Prime Minister Harris.

In another game that was also watched by the league sponsor, Dr Timothy Harris, Lodge Domino Club even after having won in the first round on their home ground at Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project, they came with a grudge and overran Mansion Upsetters at Domino House in Mansion 13-4.

Playing at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project, Unstoppable put a stop to any thoughts of forward movement by Giants by beating them 13-8. Incidentally Unstoppable had beaten Giants by the same score line (13-8) in the first round when they met at Bernette Bar in Hidden Alley Lodge Village.

One game was won by default. Molineux Domino Club players assembled at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux but their opponents, Parsons, did not turn up. Molineux was subsequently awarded a 13-0 win.

It was however a totally different story at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project, a venue that was supposed to host two games. It was a no show for what was supposed to have been the second at the centre. Both the defending champions Unity and Beers did not turn up.

According to league organiser, Calvin Farrell, while the two teams had advised him that they wanted a hearing they were advised that a meeting would be held on Sunday October 22, and in the meantime the games had to go on. Having failed to show up for their game, the score line recorded was Unity 0 – Beers 0.

As the Constituency Seven Domino League races forward in the second round of the round robin stage, the fifth segment has seven games that will be played on Tuesday October 24 at six venues. The Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project will host two games where Lodge will be meeting Small Corner, and Guinness will be facing it off with Giants. All games start at7:30 pm.

Molineux will host Beers at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux; defending champions Unity will be meeting Unstoppable at Bernette Bar in Small Alley Lodge Village; Mansion Upsetters will meet Christchurch at the Domino House in Mansion; Saddlers will be host Tabernacle at the Shanty Bar in Saddlers; and Sylver’s will travel to Parsons to face the home team Parsons Domino Club.

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