Tabernacle’s Henry “Uncle Ben” Benjamin Celebrates 93 Years Old

(ZIZ News) — Henry Benjamin, affectionately known as “Uncle Ben” of Tabernacle village celebrated his 93rd birthday on Monday February 20 2017.

He was surrounded by family, friends, students from the Edgar T Morris primary school and Deputy Director Of Social Services Ann Wigley.

Also in attendance were the members of the recently formed National Men’s council who presented a fruit basket to Mr. Benjamin.

The group also performed two selections in honor of Benjamin’s birthday.

Vice president of the St. Kitts National Men’s Council, Melvin Agard wished Mr. Benjamin long life and good health on behalf of the organization.

“On behalf of the Men’s Council we really wish that you would live to be 193 and whatever knowledge that you have that you can impart to us. We would even like to come again and collect some more information from you so we will make arrangements to do that so that you can tell us some of these stories so that we ourselves can impart onto these younger ones or have theme placed in booklets for the school to read about “Uncle Ben” or even the rich history that you would have about Tabernacle”, Agard expressed.

Students from the Edgar T Morris primary school presented Mr. Benjamin with a selection in the form of song, titled, “Thanks, We Give You Thanks”.

They then presented another fruit basket to the elder on behalf of the Ministry Of Social Services.

After receiving his basket, Mr. Benjamin used the opportunity to give the young students some words of advice.

He said that he would like to see the children grow up with respect and good behavior.

He advised the young students to be obedient to their parents and to focus on being leaders instead of followers and thanked everyone for his tokens and the visit.

Mr. Henry Benjamin has now been identified as the oldest living male in the village of Tabernacle.

Henry “Uncle Ben” Benjamin was born on February 20 1924.

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