Taichung World Flora Expo 2018

(ZIZ NEWS) — Taichung City in Taiwan has been promoting the rediscovery of “Green, Nature, and People” with the hosting of the Taichung World Flora Expo 2018 in three locations across the city.

Following a night of colourful display of culture by the 33 participating countries to open the Taichung World Flora Expo 2018, 3 venues guided by sub themes including ecosystem, life and production — opened their gates to the public.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the official opening, Mayor of Taichung Lin Chia-Lung spoke of the significance of hosting the expo, noting that ” It is a great opportunity for us to present ourselves to the word and embrace the world.” We will show you how Taichung World Floral Exposition is not only a simple flower dhow but also a sustainable development of city with a harmonious balance between human and nature.”

In the spirit of the event’s theme Taichung Taiwan is “Rediscovering GNP: Green, Nature, People” with an impressive display of floral arrangements from around the world.

The Mayor said “The main theme for 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition is “Rediscover GNP”. As we know, GNP used represent Gross National Product. Today, we give GNP a brand new definition. GNP is, from now on, more than accounting numbers, but how well we strive to achieve Green Productivity, improve Nature Sustainability and empower Greenability.”

It is interesting to note that the Taichung World Flora Expo opened with the city’s “Taichung Declaration” for sustainable growth returning home after being signed by countries and international organizations around the world.

The declaration emphasizes green productivity and natural sustainability to embrace nature as displayed at the expo.

The event which is regarded as a tourism attraction for Taichung, is displaying to the world ‘the hard work of Taiwan’s farmers, the thoughtfulness of the architects, the efforts of volunteers, and Taiwan’s hospitality.”

The Expo was held under the sub theme “The Sound of Blooming”.

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