Taiwan joins in celebration of the 29th Independence Day Anniversary

BASSETERRE ST. KITTS (September 18, 2012) — The Agro-processing Unit of the Taiwan Technical Mission in St. Kitts and Nevis has joined residents, in a very special way, as they usher in activities marking the 29th anniversary of the Federation’s Independence.

Agro-processing Specialist Ms Anling Lee has said that for a sovereign nation to celebrate the anniversary of its independence it is a very important milestone, and to show appreciation and also as a sign of participation in the country’s 29th Independence Anniversary, the Agro-processing Unit is offering a 29% discount on all its products.

Agro-processing Specialist, Ms Anling Lee, addressing local stakeholders.

“The Agro-processing Unit which is located at Needsmust in St. Kitts was opened in May 2006,” said Ms Lee. “The unit has been working in collaboration with local farmers by adding value to their products by processing and packaging juices, dried fruits, jams, pepper sauce, roasted peanuts and plantains.”

She observed that these products are normally sold through a number of supermarkets in the country and have been very popular as they are natural and that some of the farmers are doing quite well. Apart from research and development which also covers production and sustainability, the unit also holds educational sessions.

“The 29th anniversary is very important to the people of St. Kitts and we at the Taiwan Mission want to celebrate with them by giving them a 29% discount on all the products that we produce,” said Ms Lee. “The special offer is to run between 13-21 September at the Ram’s Supermarket. They are all 100% natural and healthy.”

Manager at Ram’s Supermarket at Bird Rock, Mr Dheeraj Datwani, shows some of the items on display.

According to the manager at Ram’s Supermarket at Bird Rock, Mr Dheeraj Datwani, the special sale is a great attraction at the supermarket, as people have now warmed up to the idea of consuming locally produced foods which as he said, are of very high quality.

“There is significance in the 29% discount,” said Mr Datwani. “The people are appreciating it because it is relating to the 29 years of independence of the country and people, as usual like it at 100 per cent price but now they are getting it at 29% discount, so they are buying it more.

“It is a good way of promoting. I think it’s a mode of appreciating the country’s independence.”

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