Talented Teen Pageant focuses on Going Green

(ZIZ News) — The recently concluded National Carnival Talented Teen Pageant was held under the theme “Go Green.”

In preparation for the pageant, the contestants attended a session to learn more about green energy. During the interview segment, the contestants answered questions about green energy in St. Kitts.

Chairperson for the National Carnival Queen Committee, Nisharma Rattan-Mack said that she chose this year’s theme to educate the young ladies.

“For the past two years we have chosen themes more on the social side … Rehabilitation, children, sexual abuse, but this year I decided to go a different way and seeing that right now it’s all about going green, we see it in St. Kitts, we see it [on] all the programmes, we see all the things happening and I just thought it was appropriate to do something different to educate the girls on how important it is,” she explained.

According to Rattan-Mack, it was difficult to identify a clear winner before the end of the show.

I thought tonight’s pageant went really well. We know for sure we expected a high energy and wonderful show because each and every girl in my opinion is very very talented…We could never figure out how it’s going to go, but I thought each and every one of them were winners tonight and they should all be proud,” she said.

The National Carnival Talented Teen Pageant was separated from the Junior Calypso Competition.

The Junior Calypso Competition and the Steel pan competition will take place on Tuesday 23rd December.

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