Talking Aquifer Concerns

(ZIZ News)

Minister of Public Infrastructure, the Hon Ian Liburd has addressed concerns about what effects the new Basseterre High School may have on the Basseterre aquifer.

During an unveiling ceremony for a model of the new school Minister Liburd said there is no need to worry as the new BHS would not have an impact on the water supply for Basseterre.

He said the school site is nowhere near the aquifer that feeds the Basseterre area.

“The Basseterre Valley Aquifer spans 5000 acres,” he said. “So we have an ocean of water all over here. But some water is clean and some water is dirty. Some water is brackish, some water is potable. We never had at this side of the aquifer. The potable water is in the wells east of the Kim Collins Highway, and there is where we are not touching.”

His comments came as a group of persons gathered near the unveiling ceremony with placards calling for protection of the aquifer and the water supply

Minister Liburd said much of Basseterre is located on an aquifer and claims that the new school would disrupt the water supply are just a distraction.

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