Talking Forensics


(ZIZ News)

The work of the Police Force’s Forensic Department was in the spotlight on Thursday during this week’s edition of “Policing With You” on ZIZ Radio.

The featured guest was Director of the Forensic Department, Latoya Lake-Marshall.

Director Marshall explained her responsibilities as Forensic Director.

“My job is basically to sharpen their techniques so that when we penetrate these (crime) scenes we’ll be able to scientifically strengthen the investigators’ cases,” she said. “So we’re basically the scientific section of the investigation.”

She noted that forensics and the use of technology have become increasingly more important in crime-fighting as criminals have become more sophisticated.

“We are the ones that do research, criminals research also,” she said. “We have to be up on our game. Even though we are a small island there’s gonna be a mixture of cultures, there are gonna be crimes that occur in international countries that come to us that we’re not accustomed to and we have to be able to penetrate these offences as we go along, day to day”

“Policing With You” is aired every Thursday morning at 9:15 on ZIZ Radio.


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