Tanya Stephens on Violence

(ZIZ News) — Female dancehall icon Tanya Stephens is in St.Kitts this weekend as one of the featured performers for the Labour Celebration Concert on Saturday.

While here Stephens joined ZIZ radio personality G-Cue on “The Morning Show” to talk about her new music and her own personal views on life.

She said one of the songs “Corners of My Mind” speaks to an issue she’s very passionate about: domestic violence.

“Women, they claim they don’t see it coming but he gives them all of these hints and then they act like ‘Oh I walked into the door’, ‘Oh it’s because him love me’, …and you know you take and you take and you take until sometimes it doesn’t turn out so good. Sometimes makeup can’t cover what happened, sometimes a bang can’t cover the forehead, so we’re saying be very aware of your surroundings and do what’s in your best interest, especially if you have kids,” she said.

Stephens was also invited to speak to a group of young women about empowering themselves.

The Labour Celebration Concert takes place on Saturday Night at the St. Peter’s Ball Field.

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