TDC endorses Graphical Art and Animation Summer Camp

Participants in a working session at the 2010 Graphical Arts and Animation Summer Camp

TDC Press Release, Aug 19, 2010, Basseterre, St.Kitts – Young persons from across the Federation have been given yet another opportunity to sharpen their creative skills by participating in the 2010 Graphical Art and Animation Summer Camp, backed by the Corporate support of the TDC Group of Companies.

The local business house pledged its commitment to the two (2) week long workshop, which is designed to introduce the use of poetry and graphical software such as, Adobe PhotoShop CS3, Adobe Flash, Gimp, and Blender, while providing an additional platform for positive expression.

According to a representative of the Client Relations and Marketing Department, “TDC is pleased to be associated with an activity that will empower young people to recognise their full creative and artistic abilities through technology, as well as, to foster a deeper appreciation for Arts.”

The spokesperson also added that many opportunities will be presented for participants to use the camp as an avenue for identifying career paths in journalism, advertising, public relations and entrepreneurship in the near future.

This year marks the second staging of the event that is jointly hosted by Talents for Christ and Island Expressions.

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