Teachers on Dress Code Policy

ZIZ News….June 12, 2013–As the ministry of education moves ahead with plans to implement a Dress Code Policy for teachers, they have given a copy of the draft to the schools for examination and discussion.

The St. Kitts Teachers’ Union met last night to discuss the policy and Jason Davis tells us what’s their opinion of the document.

The ministry of education says an enforced dress code policy will raise the professional image of the teaching profession and have begun the process by distributing a draft of the policy for the teachers to discuss.

General Secretary of The St. Kitts Teachers Union, Carlene Henry Morton says after reviewing the document, they agree with the ministry’s logic and there were no major objections.

Mrs Morton says the union did however suggest that there should be a dress code for civil servants, not just teachers.

While the union has agreed with most of the policy’s content, Mrs Henry Morton says there are a few gray areas that need to be refined.

She expects that as the discussion period continues these areas will be addressed and a clear set of guidelines will be established.

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