Team Unity and NHC are about building communities says Ambassador Jonel Powell

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 31, 2018 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — People’s Action Movement (PAM) Chairman, and Team Unity Caretaker candidate for Constituency Number Two (Central Basseterre), Ambassador Jonel Powell has said that Team Unity through the National Housing Corporation (NHC) is about building communities.

Ambassador Powell made congratulatory remarks on Tuesday August 28 when Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris delivered feature address at a ceremony held in Pine Garden, in Central Basseterre, where sixteen families received keys to their houses under the National Housing Corporation’s Unity Housing Solution Programme.

“I am told by the (NHC’s) General Manager (Mrs Elreter Simpson-Browne) that this very spot where we are right now will actually be used as green space and a park for this community, because that is what the NHC is about,” said Ambassador Powell. “That is what Team Unity is about – not just building houses but building communities and raising the standards of communities in St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Eleven families were receiving keys to townhouses while five were receiving keys to houses built on their own lands. Ambassador Powell fondly referred to them as ‘former renters and now new homeowners’ and told them that Team Unity Government was not giving them houses, as they would have to pay for them, but were being given opportunities to raise standards of their living and he hoped that they would turn those houses into homes.

“We are looking for everybody, even those in the Spanish communities,” observed Ambassador Powell, who in his salutation had greeted those present in Spanish as well. “You are citizens of this country – you are part of us. You pay your taxes like us and you must benefit like us as well.”

He said members of the Spanish communities living in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis were deserving people and stressed that all the deserving people in the country will get all opportunities available. He reminded the audience: “In regimes gone by there were persons who were shut out for twenty years – this is your time now. Under Team Unity everybody will get their fair share in time.”

One of the eleven recipients of a townhouse at Pine Garden is Mr Heriberto Torres, a Spanish Community Leader who is remembered for assisting in the organisation of the first meeting between members of the Spanish communities and Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, and the Team Unity Cabinet that was held at the New Town Community Centre in March this year.

“To give some of the houses to Spanish people I think that would be a good thing for Spanish community because we also live here,” said Mr Torres. “I think the Prime Minister is doing the best of the best, as I could also say the same about Jonel Powell who is working with the Spanish community so much.”

According to Mr Torres, who runs a business in Basseterre, he felt quite happy as it was like a dream come true. He observed that he has now lived in the Federation for ten years and was paying rent, but that has come to an end noting that his family will feel more safe and comfortable in their own home.

In conclusion, the Spanish community leader said: “We want to give thanks to the Unity Government especially to the Prime Minister, Timothy Harris, and Jonel Powell who cares so much about the Spanish community. St. Kitts is like our home because we live here for a long period of time, and we feel welcomed in St. Kitts.”

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