Team Unity Celebrates Election Win Anniversary In Church

Heading into year two of the second term of the Team Unity Administration, Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris is expressing his thankfulness to god for allowing the administration to navigate the pandemic and for the gains the country has made in spite of it.

During a church service on Sunday, the prime minister gave remarks at the Wesley Methodist Church in Basseterre embodying his gratitude.

This brings me to say thank you God, for your grace and mercy. I give thanks for a Cabinet that focuses on the people, especially the poor and vulnerable. I Thank our churches and their prayer warriors for their intercession on behalf of our people and nation and support. I must again thank the people for their vote of confidence on June 5th, 2020, and for their continuing support. One year on, we are better placed in our management of COVID-19.”

He recounted the benefits experienced in sectors such as Agriculture and Fisheries recently.

We see signs of recovery in agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, and financial services etc. Last Year there was no tourism services at this time as we were in a necessary lockdown to save lives. This year we are hopefully optimistic about the recovery of the tourism sector… My plan, with God’s grace is to do my very best as a servant of the people, to serve my people and country to the best of my ability.”

Other members of cabinet in attendance were honourables: Eugene Hamilton; Jonel Powell; Akilah Byron-Nisbett; Linsday Grant; Shawn Richards, who is also Deputy Prime Minister; and Vincent Byron.

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