Team Unity Lists Major Crime Prevention Proposals in its Manifesto

TeamUnity-3(ZIZ News) – Crime prevention was one of the major concerns of the Unity Team as its members campaigned throughout the country.

On the issue of security, Team Unity is quoted in its manifesto as saying “We cannot have a prosperous nation without it being a safe nation” adding that “the citizens and residents of St. Kitts and Nevis are being held hostage by the criminal elements within our society.”

In response to the country’s security challenges, Team Unity promised to provide better equipment, facilities, appropriate transportation and facilitate training as well as provide appropriate incentives to the private sector for the acquisition of appropriate technology to facilitate a public-private sector partnership to fight crime and violence.

Team Unity also promised to “de-politicize the police force and ensure promotions and transfers are based on merit, and are transparent; institute special support and assistance for officers injured or killed in the line of duty; facilitate the establishment of neighbourhood watch and community policing; establish a youth facility for young offenders with minor offences, in Nevis; invest in Closed Circuit Television throughout the public areas of St. Kitts and work with the NIA to expand similar efforts in Nevis; and partner with churches and non-profit agencies to promote values education and essential life skills.”

The introduction of a gun court to deal with violent crimes, particularly murders, is also listed in the manifesto as a deterrent to crime, in addition to increasing the number of public prosecutors.

Team Unity has also promised to develop a zero tolerance policy for anti-social behaviour, loitering, public disorder, and violations of existing laws.

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