Teams released as Empire Club Celebrates

CricketFilePhotoG(Sports Page)– As the Empire Cricket club celebrates another significant anniversary, a match will be played shortly between the 35 and over club members and their junior counterparts.

Both teams for the big T-20 clash were released on Thursday

Empire 35 and over team

Joel Simmonds
Charles Hendrickson
Junior Mills
Colin mills Archibald
Curtis Dore
Kervin Dore
Gary Pemberton
Corey Maynard
Colin Walwyn
Oscar Walters
Wayne Chapman
Dwain Dore
Eustace Williams
Elijah Browne

Young team
Adelvin Phillip
Nelson Bolan
Lornel Dore
Andre Browne
Justin Athanaze
Trevier Smithen
Shawn Hanley
Irvin Challenger
Trevin Nisbett
Kejel Tyson
Colin Archibald
Tewan Prentice
Wayne Perkins

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