Teen placed on probation for robbing $3,000 at ninth-night

HammerOfJusticeCST CATHERINE, Jamaica — A 17-year-old accused of robbing $3,000 at a ninth-night function was sentenced to two years probation when he reappeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s court on Wednesday.

The teenager, who has been in custody for approximately six months, changed his not guilty plea to guilty on two counts of robbery with aggravation Wednesday.

Allegations are that the accused teen and another youngster attended a ninth-night in St Catherine where they robbed a man of $2,000. Half-an-hour later they robbed another man of $1,000.

Resident Magistrate Ann-Marie Nembhard, Wednesday asked the accused why he did not plead guilty at the initial stage.

“Why you never tell me, instead of carrying me around the bush, or did it magically occur to you last night?” RM Nemhard asked.

“There is something about speaking the truth,” she added.

The magistrate in imposing the sentence implored the teen to make good use of the opportunity and do not return before her or any other judge.

Probation means that an officer of the court will supervise the teen during the period while assisting him in getting academic or practical training.

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