Temporary road cut to facilitate traffic to and from the South East Peninsular

Boulders in the road

ZIZ News…Aug 24 2011 – Traffic to and from the South East Peninsular was disrupted on Tuesday when heavy boulders of various sizes came crashing down on the road.

This affected the stretch of road between the two hills leading to the Peninsular.

This has prompted the police Traffic Department to issue a warning to motorist using this stretch of road.

According to a release, the general public in particular motorists using the Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Highway are ask to note that due to rock fall on the road at Timothy Hill, and the unstable nature of the hill, the affected portion of road has been closed to vehicular traffic until further notice.

Motorists are therefore ask to use this road with extreme care and caution as work on it continues to make it more accessible to all vehicles.

In an effort to have continued flow of traffic the Public Works Department has cut a temporary bypass road to facilitate vehicular traffic.

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