The Basseterre High School Career Fair Deemed A Success

(ZIZ News) — The Basseterre high school ended off its annual Career Week of Activities with a Career Fair on Friday.

Principal Ron Dublin-Collins said the event is held to help students make a smooth transition from high school to the working world.

“The primary objective is really to assist our students in making the transition from academic life to professional employment, providing opportunities for students to explore various career paths, career options and gain information about what the career requirements would be for a particular part. So it really seeks to support the students in their career development”, the Principal noted.

Collins said the Career Fair was successful thanks to the businesses that contributed their time and assistance to educate students about the various fields of work.

“The businesses have consented financial, accounting areas, science areas, hospitality, food preparation, and skill areas like mechanics, security and so on. A number of businesses have consented to come on board and make those presentations throughout the entire day”, he explained.

The Career Fair saw the participation of at least 25 businesses that helped to remind students of the career options at their disposal.

The students were also able to showcase their talents and projects relating to the fields of Science and Technology, Agriculture, Mathematics, Business, Accounting, Hospitality, Food preparation and other courses.

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