The Cable: Rate Increase Publication

In 1984, The Cable commenced operation on St. Kitts with only twelve (12) channels. Over the past twenty-nine (29) years, The Cable has served with distinction and has offered “quality service” to our subscribers. To date, we have expanded our channel line up and offer seventy (70) channels. Additionally, we have provided you, our valued subscribers a more spacious and friendlier environment to conduct business.

The Cable is continuously upgrading its operation with state of the art equipment and provides a team of experienced technicians that delivers prompt and reliable service. As we continue to upgrade, the cost of keeping abreast with the changes in technology, has become extremely demanding. After much consultation and deliberation, reluctantly, we are forced to implement our first rate increase in over eighteen (18) years. This increase will take effect from February 1 2013. We are aware that these are challenging times for our subscribers, but we also will like to continue to provide you with the best and most modern services in the industry.

The Cable will continue to take care of our social responsibility by offering donations and sponsorships, and by providing free services to the hospitals and schools etc. Most importantly, we will continue to offer quality service.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your business over the years and best wishes for this year and the coming years.


Basic – $58.50

Basic (comm.) – $70.20

Premium 1 – $29.25

Premium 2 – $40.95

Premium 3 – $14.63

Premium 4 – $17.55 (each)

Max Pak – $46.80

Outlets – $11.70

For further information, kindly visit our office or call 465 2588.

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