The Fireflies Dance School celebrates five years of dance

Fireflies Seniors (photo by Lizca Bass)

ZIZ News…July 01, 2010 – With a love for a children and a passion for dance, Ms. Heidi Slack founded the Fireflies Dance School in September 2005. The aim of the school is to provide an opportunity for younger children, aged 3 through 9, to experience the wonderful and fun art form of dance. At the Fireflies Dance School they are not only taught various dance techniques but also learn discipline, improve their co-ordination, strength, rhythm and flexibility while in the process enhancing their self confidence and team member skills.

Five years later, the school has successfully hosted four dance recitals, done several guest appearances and now has an enrollment of 55 dancers who are taught a curriculum of basic Jazz, Beginning Ballet and Afro-Caribbean dance techniques.

Fireflies Intermediate Group (photo by Lizca Bass)

Why the name “Fireflies”? According to Ms. Slack, just as fireflies are little specks of light that can illuminate even the darkest night, so to her young members are tiny dancing balls of fire whose talents shine ever so brightly.

Now, with some of the youngest members of any dance group on St. Kitts; the bright 3 to 9 year olds of the Fireflies Dance School are all hard at work rehearsing for their fifth anniversary dance recital currently scheduled for Sunday July 4th 2010 at the Sir Cecil Jacob’s Auditorium. The 55 members are busy perfecting their brilliant dance pieces to be showcased under the theme “WEATHER OR NOT – LET’S DANCE!”. According to the Director, Ms. Heidi Slack, all of the dances to be presented will be centered on the weather and the recital therefore promises to be educational as well as entertaining.

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