The Government and Church Leaders Work Closely Together on Social Intervention Strategies

On Tuesday, pastors and church leaders met with senior government officials to discuss a number of matters, including grant project funding, the implementation of a school chaplains programme, and the religious activities included as part of independence celebrations.

The meeting was chaired by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Ron Dublin-Collins, and was attended by Senior Minister, the honourable Vance Amory. The grant funding for projects is a direct follow up to a one-day workshop in July that was organized by government for church representatives to enhance their capacities in project planning.

Minister Amory said the ongoing interactions with religious leaders are part of the government’s strategy to engage social partners in policy development.

Reflecting on the high number of juveniles that engage in antisocial activities, Senior Minister Amory said this challenge must be tackled by society as a whole.

Permanent secretary Dublin-Collins said he was excited by the collaboration that has taken place to date between both parties, particularly with the success of the grant funding for projects. He noted that the number of initiatives on the horizon will seek to deepen existing relations and strengthen newer ones.

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