The People’s Action Movement successfully held its massive 54th annual national convention!

(PAM COMS) 29th April 2019 – The People’s Action Movement (PAM) staged yet another successful National Convention under the theme “Winning More, Convention 54!” The 54th Annual Convention was held on April 28th, 2019 at the PAM Headquarters.

 The PAM Political Leader, Hon. Shawn Richards, Candidates and the PAM Executive were all elated at the turnout at this year’s Convention. The traditional Convention was not so traditional this year as we saw the event moved from indoor to outdoor and the dress code from semi formal to the Party branded t-shirts and jeans. The rally-style 54th Convention set the mood to transition into high gears in preparation for the upcoming General Elections to ‘Win More’ votes and seats.

The bumper-crowd at the Convention only proves that PAM is stronger than ever and is ready for another Term in Government. At the commencement of the Convention, during the ratification of the new executive that was elected 4 days prior, the attendees shouted with glee and waved their flags as each member of the Executive was announced. Subsequently, the welcome remarks from PAM’s Chairman and Candidate for Constituency #2, HE Jonel Powell, was delivered, followed by Fraternal Greetings from the Parties in Unity and remarks by the PAM Constituency Representatives. Greetings were also extended by members of the Spanish community.

Among the specially invited guests were The Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris – Prime Minister of the Federation and Political Leader of the PLP, Hon. Troy Liburd – Junior Minister in the NIA, Ambassador Tom Lee and the Diplomatic Corp, Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentarians, Ambassadors, the Clergy, Chamber of Industry & Commerce and Advisors of the Team Unity Government.

In his remarks, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris congratulated PAM on its milestone and during his burst of excitement humorously contemplated ‘ringing of the bell’. According to the Hon. Troy Liburd, during his fraternal greetings he noted that “there is no Unity without PAM.” He too reiterated the strength of the 54 years old Party and was very pleased to be a part of what was considered “a historical Convention.”

The Hon. Lindsay Grant, Constituency representative for #4 and recently elected Deputy Political Leader of the PAM, underscored his commitment to the people of his constituency by expressing the initiatives that he and his wife, along with other constituents are spearheading. Some of the initiatives outlined are providing 125 breakfasts daily for students, providing after school assistance through the Homework and Reading Program (HARP) to over 50 students and the opening of a brand new Music Studio, among other government initiatives including the Old Road Bay Rehabilitation Project and the Fisheries Program.

Mr. Vernon Connor, candidate for Constituency number 6, spoke of the appreciation for all the supporters in his constituency and declared this particular date, Sunday 28th April, 2019 “PAM Sunday.”

The Hon. Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, constituency representative for #1 outlined many of the benefits that he has brought to the people of Constituency #1 and the Island as a whole, including but not limited to the new Bus Stops and Terminals, Lighting of the Newtown Paddock, Grading of the Taylor’s Play Field, Re-opening of the Dental Unit, 60 Units on Wellington Road and West Streets, fixing of Storm Drains and Dirt Roads and the contribution of half of his salary, to name a few.

During the remarks of the Hon. Eugene Hamilton, Constituency Representative for #8 and Deputy Political Leader of the PAM, he compared the quality of the houses that are being built under his reign versus the mediocrity in the houses that were delivered to the people of St. Kitts under the previous administration. He noted that the bedrooms are larger, the living rooms are nicer, the cupboards are of better quality and the interest rates are as low as 2%. Hon. Hamilton also boasts of the construction of the new Mental Health Facility and the 1st time ever Chemotherapy Lab at the JNF Hospital.

PAM’s Keynote Speaker, the Hon. Andrew Fahie, Premier of the BVI, expressed congratulations and his admiration to the 54 years old Party and irrefutably stated that PAM should not dilute its brand. Hon. Fahie also gave words of encouragement to the PAM and reiterated the role that PAM plays in Team Unity. His speech, which surrounded the story of the Rat’s Trap, was very timely as another General Elections under the Team Unity construct is drawing nigh. Premier Fahie was honored to be invited to Convention 54 and did not hesitate to accept the invitation.

Mr. Mervin Hanley, Media Guru and Publicist, enthusiastically introduced the Leader, the Hon. Shawn Richards as a ‘Giant of a Leader’. Mr. Hanley reminded the audience of the accomplishments of the Leader in his constituency and by extension the Federation. Some of the accomplishments are lighting of the new Playfield, construction of 2 Tennis Courts and a Club House, a Children’s Play Park, upgrades to the Sandy Point Primary and High Schools, construction of Bleachers and Changing Rooms at the Basseterre Basketball Court, Paving of the Netball Court and soon to come construction of the Sandy Point Police Station and the new Basseterre High School, which will cost in excess of $60 million dollars, to name a few. He also undoubtedly stated that the Hon. Shawn Richards is the best hard working Deputy Prime Minister and that he will be alive to see Hon. Richards become the next Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis.


During the Hon. Shawn Richards’ presentation he echoed the sentiments of the speakers before him and acknowledged the presence of some of the Party stalwarts in attendance; namely Richard Caines, Ambassadors Constance Mitcham and Michael Powell, Hugh Heyliger and Senator Ralph Gumbs. He also took this opportunity to mention the Appointment of

Ms. Natasha Grey, the new and incoming General Secretary and thanked the former Secretary Ms. Shirley Julius for a job well done.

Hon. Richards thanked everyone for coming out to show support to PAM on its 54th Convention and reminded the people of the commitment made 6 years ago to work with the CCM and PLP to form Team Unity. He stated that Team Unity pledged 6 years ago to work together to make life easier for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and that he is extremely happy it has come to fruition. Hon. Richards spoke passionately about the accomplishments, of Team Unity and its good governance; accomplishments such as housing, Police increments, 0% VAT on food, roof repairs, $500 PAP, to name a few. He encouraged the supporters to stay focus and faithful to the PAM and Team Unity as things will only get better. Hon. Richards reassured the people of Team Unity’s commitment to make

The People’s Action Movement takes this time to congratulate the Constituencies Youth Ambassadors who were awarded at Convention and to thank everyone for coming out to make Convention 54 a huge success. Thanks to all the performers, workers, contributors, donors, the media and to those who listened via the internet.

Keep following PAM on Facebook and Twitter for more highlights from Convention 54, as well as, upcoming events by the Party, which includes the May Day activities at the PAM Headquarters starting at 6:00 a.m.

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