The Peoples’ Labour Party (PLP) Appoints Delonte Lewis as Campaign Spokesperson

People’s Labour Party (PLP) is delighted to announce the appointment of  DELONTE J. LEWIS as campaign spokesperson.

The role of the Campaign Spokesperson is an important first step in preparations for the next election. Delonte Lewis is 28 years of age and hails from the proud community of Sandy Point. He has been a key member of the PLP for many years.  

Delonte commented on his appointment, saying, “I’m delighted to be taking on this crucial role. Already I have been campaigning door to door and listening to residents’ concerns. Many are upset and don’t understand why we are having an election so soon. What is clear to me is that voters are fed up with some politicians playing petty political games and thinking only of their egos. The choice in this election is clear. Only the PLP, with our Prime Minister Dr. The  Hon. Timothy Harris as our leader, can deliver the stable leadership this country  needs as we continue our recovery from the pandemic.” 

Delonte is a former president of the St Kitts-Nevis Student Association and used to work for Digicel. He’s also the PLP’s former National Youth President.  Delonte recently completed a Bachelor in International Relations, with a minor in Management at the UWI, Jamaica and has represented St Kitts and Nevis abroad as a youth diplomat. Commenting on his experience he said, “The PLP  appeals to all. That’s why we will be campaigning across the country and talking to voters. As a former National Youth President, I am also excited by  how many youth members and supporters are joining us on this campaign and  pledging their support.”

Delonte continued, “I’m looking forward to campaigning right across our great country. Listening and talking to voters and doing what the PLP do best – delivering for the people.” 

For all press enquiries during the campaign please contact Delonte Lewis at  1 (869) 760-3049. 

You can also follow us on our official Facebook pages at and and to our  website at

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