The Peoples’ Labour Party (PLP) Massive Campaign Rally in West Basseterre Constituency #3 a Resounding Success

July 22, 2022 (PLP) — The Peoples’ Labour Party (PLP) held another large rally in West Farm, West Basseterre  Constituency #3. It featured the Honourable Akilah Byron Nisbett, the Deputy National Party  Leader and Parliamentary Representative for the area. She is also the Government Minister with responsibility for Health, ICT, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Development in the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris’ led cabinet.  

The PLP is the only political party with two women on their slate of candidates in this upcoming general election. Our candidate for Constituency #1 East Basseterre, Ms.  Jacqueline Bryan stood in solidarity with the Hon. Akilah Byron Nisbett endorsed her candidacy and leadership. Underscoring the need for Women to offer themselves to service in  public office, Ms. Bryan stated, “We can only go up from here for PLP welcomes  women in leadership roles throughout the Federation.”  

The crowd became energized and electric when the Hon. Akilah Byron Nisbett came on  stage. Women and men celebrated her leadership during the pandemic which was the worst in modern history. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Harris, she led St. Kitts & Nevis through the global pandemic ensuring the safety and security of its residents. She showed transformational leadership which is evident by the admiration and thunderous applause of those in attendance last night.  

The Honourable Akilah Byron Nisbett stated, “When I saw the large crowd, I first thought how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. I then ran out on stage and thanked GOD for everyone’s attendance. I stand in solidarity with the people.” 

Women’s Empowerment and Unity were some of the major themes that resonated throughout the night. That night there were also former Labour and PAM supporters in attendance,  underlining that the PLP Welcomes All. Another theme was securing a future of prosperity through innovation, training, economic development, jobs and education as a policy of a PLP  Government for the next five years. 

The PLP candidate for Central Basseterre Constituency # 2 Mr. Nubian Greaux, spoke about entrepreneurship through the agricultural economy. He acknowledged that there is so much talent in St. Kitts & Nevis that too often goes untapped. The PLP candidate for Constituency # 5Mr. Stachio Williams put forth the idea of a business incubator for individuals who have dreams of starting their own business. He said that they can achieve their dreams right here in  St Kitts & Nevis with the support from the government and the private sector to help people achieve their dreams, creating more jobs. This is one of the ways to secure a future filled with prosperity and peace. 

Prime Minister Dr. The Honourable Dr Timothy Harris then delivered an awe-inspiring speech to the nation. He stated that with the large crowds and tremendous support, it is clear that the people of St. Kitts & Nevis want a government that puts people first. They want a government that will give them a secure future filled with opportunity and prosperity. They want a government that is transparent. They want leaders with integrity who get up every day with the people in mind. They want leaders who truly keep their promises.  

The Honourable Akilah Byron Nisbett and the entire PLP team understand who we are and that n the Peoples’s Labour Party, the People always come first. 

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