The Prime Minister and Leader of the Peoples’ Labour Party (PLP) Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris Will Make a Major Announcement Tonight at His Massive Campaign Rally in Tabernacle Village Constituency #7

July 18, 2022 (PLP) — The Peoples Labour Party (PLP) expects another massive crowd in the historic Tabernacle Village. PLP has consistently drawn massive crowds at all rallies promoting the themes of  National Unity, Strong Leadership, Good Governance, Putting People First and Securing a Prosperous Future. Prime Minister Dr. Honourable Timothy Harris in a statement said, “We look forward to being with the people tonight in Tabernacle my home village. I know the people and the people know me. I have had the privilege of representing the good people of  Constituency # 7 for the past 28 years. I thank them for their overwhelming and unwavering support. I would not be who I am today without their love and prayers. There are some persons who wish to take us back to the days of corruption, victimization, manipulation,  political party tribalism, crime, debt, and fiscal and economic maladministration. I say No More.  Forward Ever, backward Never!”  

He also stated that he will continue to honour them and never fail them. He has never betrayed their trust in him to lead our great country for the past seven (7) years, nor will he ever in the future years to come. He asks for their continued prayers as he continues to pray for them and our country, especially in these uncertain economic and novel times.  

The leadership of the Peoples’ Labour Party invites everyone to come out and to bring their families, buttons, shirts, whistles, bands, and fans. We will hear from our Prime minister and the Peoples’ Champion, Dr The Honourable Timothy Harris and from the other members of our PLP Dream Team. The People’s Labour Party (PLP) is committed to ensuring a secure prosperous future for everyone in St Kitts & Nevis, leaving no one behind.  

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