Tourism Authorities and Tourism Ministries Throw Support behind “Experience St. Kitts-Nevis”

MervinHanley-1(ZIZ News) – Chief Executive Officer and Founder of “Experience St. Kitts and Nevis”, Mervin Hanley said the Ministries of Tourism on Nevis and St. Kitts as well as the Tourism Authorities on both islands have thrown full support behind his new tourism mobile application.

Hanley spoke with ZIZ News on Thursday, one day after the mobile app was launched at Mojitos Cuban Lounge.

He said the ministries were represented at the launch parties on both islands.

“They have fully endorsed the idea. In Nevis at the launch, the Ministry of Tourism they sent a representative to speak on the minister’s behalf as far as endorsing the idea. We had representative from the St. Kitts Ministry of Tourism as well who are rallying behind the idea. Ms. Raquel Brown, she has been very receptive and very helpful, giving her ideas and really excited about this venture,” he noted.

“Experience St. Kitts and Nevis” has local offices at Nelson’s Spring on Nevis and at Port Zante on St. Kitts.

Hanley said his company also has international partners.

“In August, we’ll be opening offices all across the United States. In Dallas Texas, New York City, Miami Florida, we sign off on that in a few weeks and then in London and in Paris,” he stated.

“What would happen at these offices, what will take place is that there will be staff that’s marketing and P.R. professionals who are going to work closely with travel agents and other travel writers and such, who will be marketing the island for us,” Hanley said.

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