Tourism Month Kicks of Sunday with Church Service

BASSETERRE (24th October, 2011): The Tourism Month of Activities kicks of this Sunday with a thanksgiving service at the Antioch Baptist Church. Tourism Month will be celebrated throughout the month of November with an exciting program of activities to highlight the importance of tourism to the continued development of St. Kitts & Nevis.

The theme of the Month is “Tourism is Key for all of Us”, as will be reflected on Sunday when individuals representing the various sectors of the St. Kitts tourism product, along with professionals from the agricultural, manufacturing, and other related service sectors, will worship together. The general public is also invited to attend this special service, which starts at 9:30 a.m.

The Tourism Industry has a lot to be thankful for, as a survey by Oxford Economics shows: Tourism is the most important industry on St Kitts and Nevis with a 28.2 percent economic contribution to GDP in 2010 and a projected contribution of 33.5 percent by 2021.

Tourism investment in 2010 equaled EC$ 91.3 million representing 17.1 percent of total investment and in 2021 this is scheduled to rise to EC$138.4 million or 20.8 percent of total investment. Oxford Economics also revealed that visitor exports generated EC$252.8 million in 2010 and stands to rise to EC$417.0 million in 2021.

Novelette Morton, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, said the tourism industry has a lot to be thankful for. She pointed out the Intoxicating natural beauty, sunny skies, warm waters, and white sandy beaches.”All of which combine to make St. Kitts one of the most seductive spots in the Caribbean,” Morton said. “So it is important to give thanks to God and at the same time foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation for our island, and to of course safeguard, preserve and promote our heritage.”

Tourism Awareness Month is a series of special events and activities held each year with the purpose of increasing public awareness of the importance of tourism to St. Kitts and the various opportunities it affords individuals. Tourism Month has grown in importance over the years as the island has shifted its focus from sugar production to tourism and other service-oriented business as the main economic driver. The interesting program of activities include a photography competition, steel pan competition, food fair, chefs competition and a work experience program for high school students.

Also, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority will host the Annual Tourism Awards Banquet which brings together industry stakeholders to celebrate outstanding achievements of the various island products and services. Also, very crucial to Tourism Month will be an intense media campaign aimed at making both the media and consumers aware of the value of tourism.

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