Tours of Manufacturing Plants Ensure Requisite Assistance

(ZIZ News) — Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Lindsay Grant is currently touring manufacturing plants in St. Kitts in an effort to ensure that his Ministry provides as much assistance as possible to the large manufacturing sector.

Director of Industry and Commerce, Phillip Brown who confirmed that the plants are major players in the sector, said the visits present a perfect opportunity for the minister to hear concerns.

According to Brown, the government is in the process of implementing a partial scope agreement which will allow manufacturers to export to Brazil.

Not forgetting the smaller manufacturers, the Ministry has indicated that there are a number of areas where it can provide assistance to small businesses. These include helping to develop business plans, assisting in the navigation of the duty free process and training for staff and managers.

To date, Minister Grant has visited Kajola Kristada, Jaro Electronics, Demerara Distilleries, Electrofab, Harowe Servo Control and Island Purified Water.

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