Traffic Department Cautions Drivers

(ZIZ News) – In light of the multiple vehicular accidents that have occurred recently, the Traffic Department is urging drivers to exercise caution.

Head of the Police Force’s Traffic Department, Inspector Carl Caines, attributes recent vehicular accidents to drivers not paying due care and attention.

He has asked that drivers observe the speed limits and pay attention to what is happening on the road, citing that if the road is busy or wet, one is expected to slow down.

The Department Head said drivers are also expected to ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained, and are in good working condition at all times.

It was noted that so many accidents in just a few days is an unusual occurrence in the Federation.

Caines said he believes that the way in which each accident occurred as well as the types of vehicles involved (a church bus, an ambulance etc) adds to the public’s interest in the accidents.

According to the Inspector, each accident is being investigated and penalties will be given out as is necessary.

“Those persons who cause accidents will be taken before the court of law and with two convictions, those persons can be or will be disqualified as the court sees and determines those matters. So if you have two convictions, it is in the power of the court to disqualify such persons from driving and that is what the prosecution team of the court always seeks of the court to do,” he said.

Inspector Caines is reminding drivers that “There is no such thing as a right of way on the road. All persons have a right of way on the road and we should yield when we see there is an accident or there is the likelihood of an accident.”

In the last few days, the Traffic Department has recorded more than eight vehicular accidents.

ZIZ News understands that a maximum penalty of $2000 is charged for causing an accident.

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