Tropical Storm Raphael floods the streets of St. Kitts and Nevis with water and debris

ZIZ News…Oct 14 2012 — Tropical Storm Raphael packing heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on a number of areas in St. Kitts and Nevis.

All of the ghauts throughout the Island of St. Kitts ran heavily and there were news reports stating that a few vehicles were stuck while trying to cross. College Street and Westbourne ghauts caused traffic to divert to the bypass road as the amount of water and debris made it too dangerous to cross.

A bus stuck to the bottom of West Bourne Ghaut causing debris to back up on the road and overflowing onto the Ferry Terminal. Up to late last night the Fire and Rescue Services were on the scene trying to wash away some of the dirt and other objects from the road and terminal.

Workers at the electricity company SKELEC were quite busy tending to downed lines and a crew from the Public Works Department was busy clearing debris from a number of areas.

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