Troy Liburd on CCM’s Stance on the Federal Government

(ZIZ)– Junior Minister responsible for Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Environment in the Nevis Island Administration, the Honourable U. Troy Liburd has sought to correct persons who have alleged that his Concerned Citizens Movement [CCM] administration was seeking to overthrow the Denzil Douglas-led government of St. Kitts-Nevis.

Speaking recently during a radio programme on Freedom fm, Minister Liburd said politics and government should not overlap.

“I think, you know, we should be very careful in the way how we speak about some of these things because there should be a clear line between politics and government. When it comes to politics, CCM will go out and play their politics and NRP and Labour and PAM and PLP. They’ll play their politics but when it comes to government and running the country, government should be there for all. So to say the CCM government is trying to bring down a federal government; I think that is a very unfair statement,” he said.

When asked to comment on his government’s stance on the motion of no confidence against the federal government that was filed by Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Liburd said parliamentarians Brantley and Amory were acting solely as members of the federal opposition and not as members of CCM.

He said, “It is very true that the leader of the CCM and the deputy leader of the CCM sit in the federal parliament and in their capacity as members of the opposition in the federal parliament, they are a part of a motion of no confidence but that is in the capacity as being members of opposition in the federal parliament.”

Liburd, speaking on the CCM’s behalf, then reiterated the party’s stance on the Denzil Douglas-led government of St. Kitts-Nevis.

“I think that is very unfortunate for somebody to say that somehow the CCM government or the CCM administration is trying to bring down the federal governmcent, that is not true. That is completely false.”

The Honourable U. Troy Liburd has been a frequent guest on national radio stations since news broke last Wednesday that the NIA was unable to meet its April 23rd salary payments to civil servants.

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