Tsunami preparedness continues

VestaSouthwellA(ZIZ)– As regional scientists and forecasters predict future seismic activity that will affect much of the Caribbean the National Emergency Management Agency has taken steps to prepare communities to react to a tsunami.

Vesta Southwell, NEMA’s public relations officer told ZIZ that they have held meetings with stakeholders to make sure everyone follows a unified method to respond to a tsunami warning.

“Recently we held a tsunami protocols and sop’s workshop at NEMA. I know ZIZ did quite a bit of promotion on that exercise. Out of that we hope to develop what the sop’s are: standard operating procedures,” she said.

She says they also intend to educate the public on the nature of tsunamis.

“We’re gonna prepare some awareness exercises so that persons can understand the fullness of a what a tsunami is because I don’t think we fully understand what a tsunami is or how it works. There are many many misconceptions out there that we need to dispel and through the process hopefully make our nation more ready,” she said.

In June an expert from the Caribbean Tsunami Warning Centre will be here to help develop these awareness exercises.

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