T&T police hold up burial of pastor who killed himself

Port of Spain, Trinidad (CMC) — Police have held up the burial of evangelical pastor Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh, 54, who shot and killed himself earlier this week.

Head of the Central Division, Superintendent Johnny Abraham, said the authorities have not signed the necessary documents allowing for the cremation.

“That matter is still pending enquiries. New information has surfaced since the autopsy (on Tuesday) and the police are therefore acting accordingly,” he said, adding that investigators would be speaking with relatives on Friday for DNA samples “so that we can be 100 per cent certain of the identity of the body. Until this is done, the release forms will not be signed,” said Abraham.

On Monday, police began investigating the apparent murder-suicide incident in which the controversial pastor shot and killed his brother, ran over his nephew with his vehicle, set fire to his house, and then shot himself to death.

Police said that Lutchmansingh, the founder of Faith Sanctuary Family Ministries, who claimed to have inherited several billion dollars from an American businessman in 2003, committed the acts following a heated argument with his brother, Krishan Lutchmansingh, at an agricultural area known as Davy-Toby Drive, in Cunupia, south east of here.

Pastor Lutchmansingh, who was facing several fraud charges, is reported to have used his licenced firearm and shot his brother. He then left the scene and drove to another area where, using his car, he broke through a barrier that blocked the road leading to his property.

There he confronted one of his nephews, whose car he shot at several times and then ran Timothy Janitan over with his car.

Lutchmansingh then put the car into reverse gear and drove over his nephew again.

Janitan was taken to Chaguanas Health Facility, where he was treated.

Lutchmansingh then walked into the small house which overlooked a large pond on the land. He proceeded to set fire to the house and as the building burned, he reportedly shot himself.

Police said they would be sending the DNA samples to the United Kingdom for testing.

Meanwhile, the funeral for Kishan Lutchmansingh was held on Thursday.

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