T&T robbery suspects caught on flight to Jamaica

Port of Spain, Trinidad (Trinidad Express) — One of the two women detained on Wednesday night at Piarco International Airport onboard a flight to Jamaica has admitted to removing a box containing cash shortly after Chinese businessman Hi Hong Huang was fatally shot outside his establishment in Curepe on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Express yesterday, police sources disclosed that both women had been questioned overnight and one of them admitted to removing the box from the scene.

However, sources were quick to clarify that this act was not necessarily a confession of joint enterprise into the incident which claimed the life of the 35-year-old businessman.

“With certain utterances, one would have to be careful and realise that while something may have happened within the same time frame as another incident, that does not necessarily mean that there is a direct link with the two. Now, one of the women said they took a box of money, but further inquiries will have to be conducted to establish direct links, or even joint enterprise,” explained a senior official close to the investigation.

The two women were detained at the airport on Wednesday night with a large sum of money that they could not properly account for.

They have since been questioned for any potential involvement in Huang’s murder.
Police also confirmed they had received information that two men who were involved in the incident were Jamaicans and it was believed that they had already fled this country on a flight earlier that day.

However, sources emphasised that information was not evidence and that further inquiries were taking place to corroborate the report.

Huang was shot just seconds after he arrived at his business place, Happiness Supermarket, along Southern Main Road, and died a short time later at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope.

The incident, which was captured on CCTV cameras, showed Huang exiting his white panel van with a cardboard box, before he was attacked by one of the robbers, who attempted to get a hold of the box which contained a sum of money.

As both men struggled, another robber appeared before Huang was seen clutching his chest area and running into the supermarket.

The men escaped with some of the money, but the box, still containing a quantity of cash, was left behind.

Two women were then observed removing the box from the scene.

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