Turtles Valuable to Keys

Hon. Eugene Hamilton
Hon. Eugene Hamilton

(ZIZ News) — Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number Eight, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton is encouraging Keys’ residents to capitalize on the fact that Keys Beach is a popular nesting ground for turtles.

During a recent town hall meeting in Keys, Minister Hamilton said the turtle nesting attracts numerous persons who are visiting the island. He suggested developing craft pieces to be sold as souvenirs.

“I have seen some things that have been used to make money…made of glass. Small turtle trinkets which tourists buy. And so, if Keys is a protected area, I can see people building the art of making turtle trinkets. I can see that,” he said.

He also suggested that Keys’ residents can offer places to stay specifically for persons who visit St. Kitts to watch the turtles.

“It gives you an opportunity, particularly those that live in the higher part of the hills, to build the kind of cottages that can house people who come here overnight. There are people around the world who’d love to come and watch turtle nesting, you know. It’s just that we don’t provide the facility for them so they go to the hotel and then they come out here… But if there’s an apartment up there with a view and some binoculars they may very well stay in Keys,” he said.

He encouraged the residents to get in touch with officials at the St. Kitts Turtle Monitoring Network, based at Ross University, if they plan to pursue a business related to turtle watching.

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