Two children die as a result of a house fire in Sandy Point

ZIZ News…February 14, 2010 – A close knit Sandy Point community is in mourning following the loss of two children after they were trapped in a house fire last night.

ZIZ News was informed that the fire took place after ten o’clock in a house located at The Alley where several members of a family lived.

It is understood from reliable sources that other members of the family were able to get out of the house and screamed for help until their voices were heard by persons close to the house.

Another relative was burnt in the fire and had to be rushed to the Pogson Medical Centre where she is been treated.

The Fire and Rescue Services along with the Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene shortly after but was unable to save the two children, 2 and 6 years old.

This has been one of the worst fires to hit the Sandy Point community in recent times.

Investigations are ongoing.

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