Two in custody for Newtown shooting

BASSETERRE, ST.KITTS, AUG 17 2011 – Two young men are still in custody and are expected to remain there for the next two days as police investigate the shooting death of Everad Hewlett in Newtown.

Police discovered Hewlett’s body in his house in Mad House Alley at around 6:30 Monday evening.

His landlord and some friends discovered his body in the bathroom.

He was found with gunshot wounds in his head and lower abdomen.

Earlier that day police had responded to a report of shooting in the area around 7:30 am. According to a police source the residents of the area were not cooperative in giving information about whether someone was shot.

Later that night Hewlett’s body was found in his house.

The two young men in custody were picked up around 1: 15 on Tuesday afternoon. They are being held on suspicion of murder.

Investigations are ongoing.

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