Two traffic accidents in two days leave one person hospitalized

ZIZ News…Jan 10 2012 – One person received serious injuries in one of two accidents over a two day period.

The Traffic Department is investigating the accidents which resulted in various degrees of injuries to drivers but only one has been hospitalized.

The first accident occurred at about 8:50 pm on 9th January 2012 on the Island Main Road at Kittstoddart, involving motor cycle P3980 driven by Dwight Huggins of Needsmust Estate.

Investigations revealed that the motor cycle was travelling from Basseterre to Conaree when it ran off the road and collided with a utility pole, breaking it in two.

The driver sustained a broken leg and multiple lacerations about his body. He was taken to the JN F Hospital by ambulance where he was treated and warded.

The other accident occurred along Frigate Bay Road in the vicinity of the Central Bank, at about 7:20 am on January 10th involving motor car P4534 driven by Cristine Geston of Golf View, Frigate Bay, and motor car PA 4386 driven by Wycliffe Clarke of Christ Church.

Investigations revealed that PA 4386 was travelling towards Frigate Bay when it collided with P4534 which was travelling in the opposite direction and turning in to Kim Collins Highway. Both vehicles were extensively damage. Both drivers complained of pains about their body and were taken to the JNF Hospital by ambulance, where they were treated and discharged.

Investigations into these accidents are ongoing. The Traffic Department again takes this opportunity to remind drivers of their duty of care on the road and advise motorists to drive within acceptable speeds with due care and attention.

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