UPDATE on Nevis Little League Baseball Home Run Derby held Tuesday July 8, 2014

Baseball-1(Sports Page)— The Nevis Little League Baseball commenced a development program attached to the Charlestown Primary School, this past school term, with the support of Operation Future. The group of students registered for the program is approximately 35 and the group practices once per week.

As a development event, in order to highlight the skills the children have been developing in the sport of baseball, a Home Run Derby was organized at the school’s end of year picnic. The aim of the event was to allow the students to demonstrate their batting ability. Each student was pitched 25 balls, with the aim to hit as many home runs.

Below are the results:
Jaquon Andrew—8 hits from 25; total home runs 8
Lester Williams-13 hits from 25; total home runs 4
Ayzie Martin—8 hits from 25; total home runs 3
Raymond Lasla-4 hits from 25; total home runs 3
Shamaley Newton—2 hits from 25
Adrian Sancho-9 hits from 25; total home runs 1
Dequan Liburd-3 hits from 25; Total home runs 0
Total home runs–20

Coordinator of Sports at the Ministry of education, Michelle Sutton took time out to congratulate all of the participants for venturing into a new sport so willingly.

She stated that they have shown great improvement and noted that Mr. Barrett and the Staff of Charlestown Primary School have been very dedicated to the development of the baseball program at the school.

In September, the Nevis Little League hopes to have its first Baseball Game Series.

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