Update on the Water Situation (Basseterre, Cayon, Newton Ground)

The St. Kitts Water Services Department wishes to remind the general public that ALL of our water supplies are 100% dependent on rainfall.  During January to May we received ONLY 60% of the normal rainfall for this period.

As a result, we are facing severe water restrictions.  A water rationing schedule has been put in place whereby water will be closed off every evening around 8 pm until 5 am.

Residents are therefore encouraged to store water to meet their needs during these interruptions in their supply.

All consumers are encouraged to check their premises for leaks and to have them repaired immediately.  Consumers who fail to have their leaks repaired will be disconnected.

Please note that the Water Services Department is taking steps to increase our water production capacity to enable a 24-hour supply even during the annual Dry-Season.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this interruption in supply might cause.

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