US$ 100,000 needed to medivac shooting victim for further care in the UK

Ezra David born George Allen Jr.

BRADES, Montserrat (May 15, 2012) – The family of Ezra David needs to raise $100,000 US in four weeks to be able to medivac him to the United Kingdom for further medical care.

David was found March 18 in a ghaut in Carrs Bay, Montserrat after being missing from the day before. His mother Mary Allen said it was not until arriving in Antigua that she was told he’d been shot in the head. “The doctors did not expect him to survive the night,” she said. “Now almost two months later he is still alive and improving and we are thankful to God for that.”

David, 33 was Medivacked to Trinidad & Tobago after the Antigua hospital was unable to treat his condition. Now in a Port of Spain hospital, which is not being named for security reasons, he has undergone two surgeries; one to relieve the swelling on his brain and the other to insert a shunt through which liquids can drain.

“He is listed as critically stable and the bullet has not been removed,” Veta Wade, David’s girlfriend said. “Doctors believe he can make a full recovery with consistent health care.”

Wade said the cost of caring for her boyfriend is escalating in Trinidad and he needs to be moved to the UK where he can be cared for through the National Health Service.

The cost to medivac David is US$100,000 because of all of the elements critical to keep him stable during the flight.

The family is appealing for public and private entities, friends and residents to contribute to raising the funds. A bank account has been established at the Royal Bank of Canada in the name of Mary Allen and Veta Wade to receive donations. The account number is (09615) 7181035.

Further information on other fundraising initiatives will be announced in the coming days on ZJB Radio.

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