VAT Reduction Day

ZIZ News — As the second VAT Reduction Day approaches businesses and consumers are preparing for what is expected to be a great shopping experience.

SL Horsfords Sales Clerk Tarrick Bradshaw says in order to cater to the needs of the consumer, the business has opted to open earlier than usual.

“We’ll be open at 7 o’clock and probably close at say 7 because the last one we had, I would say it was great. So we gonna take more precaution and try open at 7 o’clock and go all day again”, he said.

Kumar Kirpalani Manager of Rams says VAT Day is very helpful to the economy and people look forward to these days.

“I think everybody has a smile on their face when it comes to VAT Day. It’s something that has uh should I say help the economy for sure and people really look out for it.”

The second VAT Reduction Day in the federation takes place on December 20.

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