Venezuela and Grenada to Return to Boundary Negotiations

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, October 21, 2015 – Talks between Venezuela and Grenada on boundary delimitation are expected to resume soon.

The issue was raised when Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro visited St. George’s last weekend and promised to help Grenada develop any potential oil and gas sites.

Grenada’s Energy Minister Gregory Bowen said positive discussions on the boundary delimitation had begun a few years ago with the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, and a team is standing by to return to the table.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said his country is eager to reach an agreement.

“There is a necessity for delimitation of our boundaries so we can access the resources, as Venezuela has been able to do. We want to advance this as soon as possible because the indication is that there are serious resources to be accessed when this happens,” said Mitchell.

“It is in the entire region’s best interest to settle any disputes, boundaries or otherwise in the most peaceful manner possible. Anything less would be disastrous. Venezuela, you have the resources, you have the infrastructure. We are not trying to get anything more than what our fair share is.”

Minister Bowen when talks were held previously, a part of the arrangement discussed included moving directly to joint exploration and development in the unresolved area, in the event that a boundary cannot be agreed upon by the parties.

“With the great friendship between our two countries, it should be easily accomplished.

Our big brother has the knowledge and capacity to help us,” he said.

A statement from the Grenada government said Venezuela readily agreed to work together, with the President Maduro saying: “So we can develop and work together in relation to issues of oil and gas, using technology that PDVSA has. That is Chavez’ order and we need to fulfill as soon as possible. That can be easily resolved.”

The development comes amidst a border dispute between Venezuela and its South American neighbour Guyana.

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