Vernon Springer appointed to L.I. Cricket Board

(ZIZ Sports) — Senior Sports Officer in the Department of Sport, Vernon Springer has been appointed cricket operations officer for the Leeward Islands Cricket Board.

During this week’s edition of “Action Sports” Springer said he was pleased to take up the new position and be a part of a new thrust for change in regional cricket.

“There’s a crusade for change in Leeward Islands Cricket and so you have to be a part of that crusade for change. You’d realize that he only way the West Indies are gonna win is when you have players from the Leeward Islands on the West Indies team,” he said.

He said the entire operations staff will be moving forward with the aim to revive the presence of leeward island cricketers on the West Indies team.

“It kinda grieves my heart when you look around at the West Indies team and you don’t see anybody from the Leewards Islands and it really pains you. At one point in time we dominated and so there’s a call from the new President of the Leeward Island Cricket Board and his entire executive to really change the mindset of things,” he said.

He continued “I’m pleased to be a part of the Operations staff, with CEO Richard Berridge, Junie Mitcham, Leeward Islands Territorial Development Officer, and I’m charged with the responsibility of more or less spearheading all of the activities for Leeward Islands Cricket including the Leeward Island Hurricane franchise”

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