Victor Jay Martin gives ringing endorsement to Parry and the NRP

Former Parliamentarian, Mr. Victor J. Martin

Charlestown, Nevis (Friday, January 19, 2013)–Victor Jay Martin, a former parliamentarian, who served in the Nevis Island Assembly for 18 years (1983-2001) as the Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) representative for the St. Paul’s constituency, has given a ringing endorsement to Premier, Hon. Joseph Parry and his Nevis Reformation Party, four days ahead of the Jan. 22 Nevis General Elections.

Martin, who served as Minister of Communication and Works in the first NRP Administration from Independence in 1983 to 1992, and then on the opposition benches from 1992 to 2001, appeared as a guest on a 90-minute special of Choice Radio 105.3 FM’s Breakfast Menu Friday morning. The radio talk show is aired each week-day from 7-8:30am with host Walter Morton (Chef Waltie).

Martin delivered a 9-minute prepared statement before interacting with the popular host and the show’s many callers.

A former state scholar of the early 1970’s, skilled debater and orator, Martin greeted his audience thus: “Fellow Nevisians, days ago the Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph W. Parry announced to the nation that voters on the island of Nevis will be invited to attend an island-wide poll on the twenty-second day of January in this year of grace 2013. As a member of the original Nevis Island Assembly, as established at Independence, I seek your indulgence to add to the national conversation.”

“This upcoming poll,”he said, “is a right of passage for our infant democracy. Arguably, it is another step forward in the journey of the Nevisian people. But it is more than that, this is an election of consequence. For in the midst of unending discord, the country must now settle on a clear and decisive mandate. In the midst of increasing partisan bitterness, we must return to a society which embraces respect for each other; in the midst of this wearisome political turmoil, we must now remind ourselves of the exceptional dignity of the Nevisian people.”

Underlining the great importance of the fast approaching Jan. 22 poll, Martin said, “this election must not be about parties but about ideas, not about individuals but about the interest of all Nevisians.”

“The nation has a clear choice”, Martin declared emphatically.

Less than an hour before resident judge, Justice John Benjamin rendered his judgment in the Charlestown High Court, denying the applications of CCM’s Mark Brantley and Keith Scarborough to block Premier Joseph Parry and Mr.Hensley Daniel from participating in the Tuesday, Jan. 22 poll, (after they were both duly nominated on Monday, Jan. 14), Martin, a lawyer by profession, said: “The NRP seeks the reins of government as determined by the will of the Nevisian people, forces arraigned against the NRP (CCM, Vance Amory and Mark Brantley) wish to walk the corridors of power by court-ordered default.”

He then drew several other stark differences between the NRP and the CCM.

“The Nevis Reformation Party speaks to policies designed to lead to fiscal sustainability and the diversification of our economy, others offer personal attacks.”

“The NRP offers government for all, they (CCM) offer government for the few.”

“We (NRP) bring settled government, theirs is a divided leadership.”

This was in direct reference to the well-documented leadership struggle within the divided CCM party between co-leaders Vance Amory (the Marshall) and Mark Brantley (the Sherriff). An NRP-sponsored song called “Boop, Boop”, voiced by legendary calypsonian, McLean Emmanuel (King Short Shirt), and making the rounds in the campaign, skillfully chronicles the raging internal battle.

Premier of Nevis and leader of the Nevis Reformation Party, Hon. Joseph Parry

“The NRP seeks to work towards social cohesion, others embrace division and rancor.”

“The NRP requests a chance to execute plans for the future, the opposition seems determined to attempt to sail the ship of state on yesterday’s wind.”

“It is our considered view” said Martin “that this election affords the Nevisian people an opportunity once more to define the role of government.”

These roles he outlined as: the security of its people; to facilitate and nurture impactful job creation, entrepreneurship and the consequential sustained growth; to show compassion and care for the vulnerable; strengthen the bonds of friendship with our brothers and sisters on St. Kitts; and crafting an increasing role for the Nevisian nation in the Diaspora.

Speaking directly to the Nevisian electorate, Martin said, “we say to the country that within the Nevis Reformation Party resides a leader and a team fully agreed on these objectives of government, and fully capable of implementing them. It is the NRP that has ensured that, in this age of achievement, the control of our destiny is in the hands of Nevisians.”

“The way forward for Nevis is an age of achievement, which allows each generation to do better than the last one. An age in which everyone is valued. For we know that every potential fulfilled adds to the well-being of Nevis.”

He catalogued the many achievements of the NRP in office.

“The NRP is satisfied that we can accurately claim to have made a storied contribution to the development of this land we love. Our most worthy effort has been to influence the national psyche so that today it is universally accepted that the Nevisian citizen can become anything he or she wishes to be.”

He also mentioned bringing to Nevis the Island Assembly, establishing the Financial Services Industry, fashioning a revolution in housing, bringing the Four Seasons development, setting the country on a path of major infrastructural change, expanding opportunities in education, increasing spending on patient care, and marrying the industries of agriculture and tourism for the good of both.

He evoked the memories of founding fathers of the NRP: “As we acknowledge the island’s debt of inspiration to our brother Ivor Algernon Stevens, we invite all Nevisians to be party to this age of achievement. As we acknowledge our debt of honour to our brother Simeon Daniel, we pledge the NRP to the fulfillment of his dreams of peace, progress and prosperity for this exceptional island.”

In summing up his endorsement, Martin said: “In sum, the NRP offers confidence in the future. We look to tomorrow, others yearn for yesteryear. We say government for all, they say government for the few. We offer stability, they embrace uncertainty.”

“As we march to Tuesday, the 22nd day of January, the NRP asks for a chance to continue to make a meaningful and positive difference in this island . Our history, our policies, our leader and our team signal full preparedness. We thank the Nevisian people for helping us to lay the foundations for the Nevisian society. With your support, we will achieve even more. May God bless the island of Nevis. May God bless the Nevisian people.”

The welcomed endorsement comes at a time when independent polls have put the incumbent NRP well ahead in the race for the 5-seat Assembly. The NRP has campaigned effectively with nightly meetings across the country, community walk-throughs, and on radio and social media, using the slogan “NRP is best of Nevis” ever since Premier Parry announced the poll on Saturday, Jan. 5. The party goes into a hectic final week-end of get-out-the-vote activities, culminating with a massive rally outside the Party Headquarters in downtown Charlestown on Monday night.

Nevisians go the polls on Tuesday, Jan. 22 to elect a government of their choice.

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