VOJN holds Road Races

Athletics-1Sports Page — The VOJN Primary school hosted its annual cross country events on Tuesday 24th February.

The younger children ran to the back of the school, through the housing project area and back to the school, while the older children extended their run to the main road and then headed back to the school after making a right turn by the Nevis Pottery building.

As per usual, the brave Duani Hicks who has a disability, managed to complete his assigned route in his wheel chair.

The top results were as follows:

Junior girls

Jevonique Nisbett—Gold
T’Nyssa Pemberton-Blue
Kielle Wallace-Green

Junior boys

Adian Nisbett-Blue
Steadan Pemberton-Green
Shaquan Alexander-Gold

Senior girls

Tyra Phillip-Gold
Keirra Liburd-Blue
Kelcie Cozier-Gold

Senior boys

Shaheen Roberts-Gold
Kenyon Webbe-Green
Deandro Walwyn-Blue

Points standings

Green house—193 points
Gold house—192 points
Blue house-182 points

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