WAHS and BHS score over 85 percent pass rate in CXC exams as Education Minister highlights performance on high schools

The 2008 Graduating Class of the Washington Archibald High School

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 23RD 2012(CUOPM) -The Washington Archibald High School and Basseterre High School are being commendedfor achieving an 80 percent plus pass rate in the Caribbean Secondary LevelCertificate (CSEC) or CXC O’ Level exams for 2012.

“I wish tocommend the BHS and the WAHS for achieving examination pass rates of 85.4% and87.0% respectively. Statistically, on this basis, these two schools are equalin academic output,” said Minister of Education, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty.

“It also provides a mechanism for gauging the effectiveness and efficiency of our education system,” said Mr. Carty in a national address on ZIZ radio and television.

He was at thetime providing nationals a sense of the accomplishments of the Federation’s young men and women in the field of academics at the Charlestown Secondary School,the Basseterre High School, the Cayon High School, the Gingerland High School,the Charles E. Mills Secondary School, the Verchild’s High School, the Immaculate Conception Catholic School and the Lyn Jeffers School.

TheWashington Archibald High School entered, 112, the highest number of candidates at any one school. The school returned a Grade 1 pass in 25% of all subjectentries, which is highly commendable. A 100% pass rate was realized in 10 subject areas. No subject returned a pass rate below 55%.

At the Basseterre High School, 98 studentsoffered themselves in 24 subject areas. A 100% pass rate was realized in 10subjects and no subject returned a pass rate below 55%. . Notably, there was a63% pass rate in Mathematics. The BHS achieved a Grade 1 pass in 26% of allsubject entries

The Cayon HighSchool entered 101 candidates in 26 subject areas. A 100% pass rate was registered in 9 subject areas. This is a significant improvement over the preceding years. Unacceptable performance is being observed in Visual Arts,Geography and Mathematics, all of which achieved pass rates below 35%. The extremely poor performance in Visual Arts at the CHS continues to attract adverse attention from the Ministry of Education.

At the Charlestown Secondary School, there were 109 candidates in 28 subject areas. In all but one subject, namely Mathematics, a pass rate of over 50% was realised, with eight subjects obtaining a 100% pass rate.

The Immaculate Conception Catholic School entered 42 students in 20 subject areas. The school achieved in the 2012 CSEC exams a 100% pass rate in 11 subjects. Except for Principles of Accounts, all subjects registered a pass rate above 55%.Notably, there was a 60% pass rate in Mathematics.

St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas addresses students of the Gingerland High School in Nevis during a visit in 2008

Fifty-seven(57) candidates at the Gingerland High School offered themselves for the 2012 CSEC exams in 27 subject areas. A pass rate of 50% and above was achieved in all subject areas except Mathematics, Electrical & Electronic Technology and English Language. Nine subjects returned 100% passes. The significantly improved performance in History must be lauded whereas the slump in English Languagein this year’s exams generates alarm.

At the Charles E Mills Secondary School at Sandy Point, 73 students sat exams in 25 subjects. Excluding Building Technology and Information Technology, therewas a greater than 50% pass rate all in subject areas of which 7 attained a pass rate of 100%. A 20% decrease in the pass rate of Mathematics over 2011 must notescape the attention of the management of the CEMSS, although the pass rate remained above 50% in 2012. A pass rate below 20% in Information Technology is disconcerting.

There were 73 students taking the CSEC exams in 25 subject areas at the VerchildsHigh School. Ten subjects returned 100% passes. Except in Mathematics and Chemistry, a pass rate of 50% or more was attained across the board. The Ministry commends the VHS for the improved performance in Visual Arts butcaution must be given in relation to Mathematics in which there was a 33% passrate.

Atthe Lyn Jeffers School in Nevis, 7 students were entered in 11 subject areas. Onlytwo subjects achieved a pass rate of 50% or above. There was a 100% pass rate in one subject matter – Electronic Document Preparation. Between English Language and English Literature there was no better performance than a 15% passrate.

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