“Walk In My Shoes” a success

(ZIZ News) — The organizers of the “Walk In My Shoes” exercise say they are pleased with the success of the event and hope it sheds a light on many of their concerns.

On Wednesday persons were given the opportunity to experience the world like a disabled person by either being blindfolded or by using a wheelchair.

President of the Association of Persons with Disabilities, Anthony Mills said he hopes that there can be a change in the national policies to take into account the needs of the disabled.

“Well I’m hoping that people not only have a greater appreciation for what people with disabilities go through. But that it will bring about some kind of change in the national policy and our building codes will be revised, taking into account how inaccessible our physical environment is and that we would have more information available in a format that people who are blind and so can use,” he said.

Chairman of the Association’s Week of Activities Earl Clarke said through this exercise they hope to inspire others.

“I think we have shown people that they can learn from us. That despite our disabilities we are a part of the human race. We go about our daily tasks and we don’t complain and there are people out there who are able-bodied and they are always complaining and they could look to us for inspiration” he said.

Parliamentarians and members of the public took part in the “walk in my shoes exercise”.

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