“Washie” PTA finds a voice by increasing participation in school through lips

(EMU)Parents of students at the Washington Archibald High School have firmed their resolve to increase their impact and presence at the school as they seek to support their children and help simplify and improve their lives.

Team Leader of the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) Jacqueline Fleming, told the Education Media Unit that they are trying to develop a number of initiatives to get more parents involved in a more systematic and effective way so that parents can be there for their children.

Ms. Fleming explained that while plans were already underway, recent events have hastened their desire to help parents, students and teachers find a voice to express issues that concern them personally and as a school.

Under the general theme “It only takes a Spark” the “WASHIE PTA” will get involved first by conducting general assembly on a monthly basis. They will complement the school’s Virtues programme by focusing on different virtues every month. Since September the school has focused on Compassion, Cleanliness and Courtesy. The parent-guided assembly will seek to encourage students to live out each virtue in their actual lives.

Also coming on Thursday November 28th, the PTA will introduce the school and parent- based version of “On the Steps” (a youth discussion forum which airs on ZIZ). This programme dubbed “In the Classroom” is a forum where parents will now discuss issues that their children are facing. From time to time students will be invited in to these discussions to air their views freely.

In the classroom is one of the avenues being utilized to generate open discussion in the overall project which the PTA will introduce called LIPS (Life Improvement Preparatory Skills). LIPS as the acronym suggests will encourage parents, students, teachers and the public to become vocal in order to help students and their parents cope with life. 

Deputy Principal Mrs. Charisse Gumbs said that “the PTA is essential in running and management of the school. Therefore any initiatives or programmes introduced to the school are always welcome. The PTA is always given the full support of the staff and management of the Washington Archibald High School and we are very excited about the introduction of new programmes and looking forward to it unfolding positively.”

She added that Principal Mr. Clifford Goveia (who was at a meeting at the time) is fully involved and onboard.

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