The Chief Education Officer Address on the Immediate Closure of Schools and Students’ Learning Packages


I address you today as the Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education. We take the learning, health and safety of our students very seriously. Therefore, every step we have taken over the past couple of weeks has been taken only after deep consideration and discussions with stakeholders.

In keeping with our national response focused on increasing physical distancing and promoting health and wellness of all, the Ministry of Education has been advised to close all schools immediately. Thus, all Early Childhood Centres as well as Primary and Secondary Schools will be on break from Thursday, 26th March, 2020 to Friday, 17th April,2020, unless the National COVID-19 Task Force recommends further extension of the break.

You are therefore encouraged to continually check the Visitor Channel on Cable Television and/or the Ministry of Education’s website www. for updates.

To ensure that your children’s education continues, teachers have compiled students’ learning packages with review material. These are for students to use at home during the upcoming weeks. Parents/ Guardians, you are required to play an even greater role during this period of home instruction for your children.

With respect to Personal care:

1. Ensure your children wash their hands thoroughly and frequently

2. Ensure children stay at home

3. Have children maintain distance when interacting with others

4. At this time, reduce, towards eliminating, all displays of affection (kissing, hugging, holding

hands etc)

With respect Children’s Continued Learning:

1. Ensure children complete all tasks given in their learning packages

2. Continually monitor children’s actions and their access to the internet to ensure that they are viewing child- appropriate websites

3. Direct and allow children to view educational programmes on television and to use educational websites that stimulate their learning.

4. Periodically visit the Ministry of Education website, for updates and other learning resources for students

5. Help students to access online learning platforms that have been approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education

Thank you in anticipation of your support as we continue to ensure education for all.

Let us all remain safe and continue to pray for God’s guidance and direction at this time.

Thank you.

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