Weather Update For November 26, 2021

Present Weather: Cloudy skies 

Winds: Calm 

Temperature: 24°C / 75°F                     Humidity: 91%

Sea Level Pressure: 1012.3mbs or 29.89″

Sunrise: Tomorrow, 6:21 am                  Sunset: Today 5:35 pm


Weather Forecast Valid until 8 am Tomorrow.

Winds:  East-northeast at 3 to 10mph.

Seas:  1.5 t0 2.4m or 5 to 8ft with northerly swells up to 1.8m or 6ft. A High Surf Advisory is now in effect.

Weather Forecast for St. Kitts & Nevis:  Partly Cloudy with a 60% or moderate chance of showers during the morning and partly sunny with a 30% or low chance of showers in the afternoon. 

Weather tonight: Partly Cloudy with  20% or slight chance of showers. 

Eastern Caribbean Forecast: Availability of low-level moisture and instability due to a weakening frontal boundary will maintain mostly cloudy skies and a moderate chance of showers across Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Leeward Islands today. A surface trough will maintain unsettled weather across the northern Windward Islands and Barbados this morning. Conditions will improve gradually as the day progresses. Further south across Trinidad and Tobago, sufficient moisture and low-level convergence will result in periods of showers and increased cloudiness during the next 24 hrs.

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